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The HR I.Q. Test: June ’13

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. In 2000, 81.8% of employees who were offered health insurance through their jobs enrolled. A decade later, that percentage was:

  a. Up to 84.3%

  b. The same at 81.8%

  c. Down to 76.3%

2. OSHA last month directed its auditors to take extra steps during inspections to make sure employers are adequately protecting:

  a. Teen workers

  b. Independent contractors

  c. Temporary workers

3. A recent CareerBuilder survey reports that 15% of U.S. workers say they:  

  a. Could easily win a lawsuit against their employer

  b. Never leave their desks during the day

  c. Would like to see their boss get fired

4. Which of these rude behaviors do HR professionals say is most common in their workplaces?

  a. Swearing

  b. Kitchen sloppiness

  c. Too few “thank yous”

5. What do CFOs say is their greatest staffing concern for the next 12 months?

 a. Retaining valuable employees

 b. Maintaining staff productivity

 c. Recruiting new top performers

6. Workplace violence is committed at a higher rate against:

 a. Private-sector employees

 b. Public-sector employees

 c. Both equally


Sources: 1. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation study; 2. OSHA; 3. survey; 4. poll; 5. Robert Half Accounting survey; 6. U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Answers: 1.  c  2.  c  3.  b  4.  b  5.  a  6.  b

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