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Communication: ‘Call me maybe’

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Employees at SceneTap range in age from 18 to 55, millennials to boomers.

The younger set likes social media and is tethered by smartphone. Thirty-somethings prefer email, instant messaging and videoconferencing. Boomers go for phone calls and walking around.

To accommodate each communication style, the phone application company tracks who likes what.

“We actually keep a spreadsheet so everyone has everyone’s contact information, including a column with the preferred contact method,” says co-founder and CEO Cole Harper, who’s 28.

Communication may be the least of their worries, though. Younger workers also prefer flatter management structures and less-defined roles.

Acquity Group blends a top-down style with a collaborative environment.

The trick, says operations chief Jim Newman, goes back to communication “and not being overly controlling or micromanaging.”

— Adapted from “Bridging the generation gap,” Jeremy Quittner, Inc. magazine.

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