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Learn to speak up more in the office

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

It’s hard to move up in your career if you never speak up at work, writes executive coach Joel Garfinkle, who offers three steps to help reluctant workers find their voice.

  • Address your fears. Make a two-column chart; on one side, write your fears and negative thoughts about speaking your mind at the office. Then write a positive, optimistic truth about each on the other side. Focus on accepting the positives and forgetting the negatives.
  • Prepare yourself. Write down what you want to say and ask a trusted friend or colleague for feedback.
  • Convey confidence. When you speak, show that you have confidence in your ideas and contributions, and in their value to the company. Focus on communicating the big ideas and don’t get bogged down in details.

— Adapted from “Do I dare say something? How to be assertive at work,” Joel Garfinkle, SmartBlog on Leadership.

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