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To stay hopeful, move slowly toward the exit

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in Your Office Coach

Q: “The owner of our business is an extreme micromanager. Every decision, no matter how small, must be made by him. Even our senior executives are afraid to do anything without his approval. As a result of his interference, we have constantly shifting priorities and frequent late nights at the office.

“After four years of this, I’ve concluded that I will never be happy here, because this man is not going to change. There will never be any opportunities for professional growth or creativity. The obvious solution is to leave, but finding another job may be difficult. Do you think I should stay or go?” Undecided

A: Given your intense dissatisfaction, odds are that you will eventually depart for greener pastures. But if you need a paycheck, don’t ditch this job until you find another. Locating a better position could take time, so you don't want to risk a long period of unemployment.

To make your current situation more bearable and put yourself in a hopeful frame of mind, take the first steps towards finding a better place to work. Start by defining your target jobs, then educate yourself about job search techniques. Create an appealing résumé and compile a database of networking contacts.

Once you shift your focus to the future, you should be able to regard this micromanaging maniac as just a temporary pothole in your career path.

Starting a job search? Here are some errors to avoid: Top Ten Job Search Mistakes.

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