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What you’re doing wrong on LinkedIn

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LinkedInIf you use no other social media, you still need LinkedIn to help manage your professional life. Surveys show professional participation at more than 80%.

But the pros say a lot of us are doing it wrong. Here are some of the ways:

  1. You show up only when you need a job. It’s usually kind of obvious when a barely existent Linked­­In profile jumps to life. Build your profile a bit at a time, rather than sticking your hand out when you need something.
  2. Your profile and connections are incomplete. The profile comes first, but the two should grow together. Your photo, a quality head shot, is mandatory. Build connections while endorsing others’ professional skills.
  3. You’re in the wrong groups. Join alumni groups, and be as specific as you can with trade groups.
  4. You’re not sharing. When you produce or come across some helpful industry material, share it on LinkedIn. Be judicious in sharing only the most relevant material. This will show you as a thought leader—someone people look forward to hearing from.
  5. You haven’t brought your team along. Some departments are harder than others—you may never get your CFO on Facebook—but LinkedIn is a professional network, so point out its importance to your whole team. Imagine getting ready to make a deal with a company and finding out on LinkedIn that one of your employees already is connected to the chief marketing officer there.

Source: Inc.

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