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Social media eroding workplace privacy?

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication,Workplace Conflict

AVG Technologies Digital Diaries project looks at how social networks affect people’s work lives. A study re­­leased as part of the project earlier this year included 4,000 people in 10 countries and found that more than half felt that workplace privacy has decreased with the pro­­liferation of social media networks.

Here’s what else it found:

  • 10% of respondents said that they had discovered ­colleagues initiating secret discussions about them online.
  • 11% said that they found embarrassing photos or videos of themselves on social sites.
  • 6% of all respondents and 10% of those in the United States said they were subjected to unwanted romantic advances from co-workers over social networks.
  • 25% said their companies have no policies in place to prevent cyber-bullying.

— Adapted from “More than 50% of people feel their workplace privacy is eroded by social networking,” Jamillah Knowles, The Next Web.

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