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1-Minute Strategies: May ’13

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Rental car rates are on the rise this year, so business travelers might want to save money by taking taxis in­­stead. The daily rate for a midsize car booked a week in advance was $65.08 earlier this year compared with $58.42 at the same time in 2012, according to a travel index that tracks car rental prices.  

Want to get ahead? Try talking less. Bosses value clear, concise communication from their staff and may not place as much value on the long-winded, rambling types.  

Take 90 days to decide if it’s time to make a career move. Pay attention to how you feel for 90 days at work and if you’re unhappy the entire time, it’s time for you to get moving and find a new gig.

Make sure your résumé answers this essential question: What makes you a better candidate than all others who have applied for this job?

Hire the quiet ones. Extro­verts like to be the center of attention. Introverted leaders, on the other hand, deliver better because they’re more likely to let go-getters run with their ideas.

— Adapted from Hiring Secrets of the NFL, Isaac Cheifetz, Davies-Black Publishing.

Did you know the departure boards at New York City’s Grand Central Station are always one minute fast—on purpose? The time tweak was set up years ago to prevent passengers from rushing to their trains and creating chaos in the station. 

The nation’s capital is also the U.S. capital of terrible traffic. Following Washington, D.C., on the list of most-gridlocked cities are San Francisco-Oakland and Los Angeles, New York- Newark, N.J., and Boston.

Vitamin C could help your cold, but don’t overdo it. If you take more than 2,000 mg of vitamin C, the usually beneficial vitamin can cause nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Don’t let group lunches be yet another opportunity for people to hunker down in their familiar cliques. You might want to suggest random assigned seating. Presented playfully, this is a rare chance for co-workers who never interact to get to know one another.

Yes, chocolate can be a health food. An ounce of dark chocolate eaten once a day, two or three times a week has been shown to help your heart and confer other health benefits.

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