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Stay ‘in the zone’ when negotiating

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Face it: Strong emotions can come into play when you negotiate.

In 2011, the sale of a $3 million brownstone in New York’s Greenwich Village almost blew apart in a fight over a $300 washing machine. One of the buyers ripped up a seven-figure cashier’s check and stomped out to a bar.

So what does this mean for you?

Make sure you are emotionally prepared for a tough negotiation, even when you expect things to go well.

Anticipate what might go wrong, be ready for it, and stay loose, energized and resilient. Take a break if you need it. If you can’t get out of the room, switch from discussing nuts and bolts to broad principles.

Strive for a conclusion in which you feel satisfied rather than relieved.

— Adapted from “Negotiating with Emotion,” Kimberlyn Leary, Julianna Pillemer and Michael Wheeler, Harvard Business Review.

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