No unemployment for those fired for late time sheets

Some employees are careless about turning in time sheets. That makes it hard to calculate pay and comply with wage-and-hour laws. Make it clear that it’s essential to complete time sheets on time. Dis­cipline those who don’t follow the rules.

If you have to fire time sheet ­slackers, rest assured they won’t be eligible to collect unemployment benefits on your account.

Recent case: Terry was fired from his job as a home health care worker after he didn’t turn in time sheets on time, resulting in late wage payments. The employer had previously warned him. He appealed when his application for unemployment was rejected.

His employer successfully argued that by not following time sheet rules, Terry was guilty of misconduct, making him ineligible for unemployment payments. (James v. Texas Workforce Commission, No. 05-12-00635, Court of Appeals of Texas, 5th District, 2013)