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Supercharge your calendar with Google

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GoogleLife is hectic, but you can make it less so with some simple, savvy tips and shortcuts for using Google Calendar to get your schedule in order, says Elsa Wenzel, a senior editor with PCWorld.

Learn to use Labs. Google Calendar Labs are features that Google is testing, but not ready to release system-wide. To review the features available, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Labs. Enable the ones you want to use and hit Save.

Find any date fast. The Jump to Date Lab allows you to go straight to any date in the past or future without clicking through months and months of calendar entries.

View any time period you choose. Use the mini calendar in the upper left corner and highlight any number of days you want to look at.

Survey a simple list of what you have to do. Just click the Agenda button in the upper right corner to see a simple list of your day’s activities.

See only the workweek. If you only use your calendar for work purposes, you can hide the weekends by clicking the gear icon, selecting Settings and opting not to show weekends.

Add a public calendar to share events. If you help coordinate company events, you can help publicize them on a public calendar.

Manage multiple time zones. If your company does business across the country or around the world, you have to keep track of different time zones. Add the World Clock Lab to your calendar, then from the widget that’s added to your calendar, you can add the time zones you need.

Keep an eye on your next meeting. The Next Meeting Lab allows you to add a bold blue box to your calendar that tells you your next commitment and counts down to the time it starts.

Scan who’s available to meet and when. The Smart Rescheduler Lab allows you to reschedule a meeting by looking at each of the team member’s calendars to view when everyone is free and all in the same place. If your company uses Google Apps for business, you’ll also see which rooms are available at your meeting time.     

— Adapted from “Power through schedules with 21 Google Calendar tricks,” Elsa Wenzel, PCWorld.

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