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4 things not to overuse in PowerPoint

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in Centerpiece,Office Technology,PowerPoint Tricks

You know the phrase “too much of a good thing?” PowerPoint has four features that are useful when creating a professional-looking and effective presentation. But, like the proverbial “good thing,” too much of them is not good. Here are a few things to consider when using these four features in PowerPoint.

1. Animation

Animation is a useful tool when you want to discuss bullet points one at a time or simulate a screen operation. But if you’re animating every bullet in your presentation, or have things flying around on every slide, your audience will disconnect from you. Always animate for a purpose. Don’t animate just to entertain. Reserve motion path animation for instructional purposes. 

A few entrance animations that work nicely are Fade, Zoom and Float In. They cause an object or text to come on your screen in a way that will catch your audience’s attention but not annoy them (unless you use them over and over).

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