Whole Foods employees vote on new team members

Managers and HR pros aren’t the only ones who vet job applicants at grocery chain Whole Foods. Employees weigh in on each new hire as well.

Candidates who are called in for job interviews often face panels of their would-be peers. Reason: The organization’s execs say the diversity of interviewers during a team Q&A brings all aspects of the responsibilities of the position to the event. Plus, employees can educate the applicant about the job and the organization, helping him or her to make a better decision about whether to accept a job there.

New hires start their jobs with a 30- to 90-day orientation and training process. Afterward, the team leader recommends whether the candidate should be placed on the team, and the team members vote yes or no.

Contact: Kate Lowery of Whole Foods, (512) 542-0390.