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The HR I.Q. Test: March ’13

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. If a company _____________, 56% of young workers (age 18-30) say they would either not accept a job or would ignore the policy.

   a. Banned the access of social media at work

   b. Required hourly email check-ins during waking hours

   c. Banned romantic relationships among staff

2. Which landmark employment law turned 20 years old last month?

   a. Age Discrimination in Employment Act

   b. Family and Medical Leave Act

   c. Americans with Disabilities Act

3. In this law’s first year, federal ­­investi­gators cited 36 companies for violation of the law that requires employers to: 

   a. Give employees time and space to express breast milk

   b. Let employees take leave for their children’s school events

   c. Keep photographs on file of every new hire

4. About 36% of public workers belong to a union. What percentage of private-sector employees were members of a union in 2012?

   a. 23.4%    

   b. 11.3%    

   c. 6.6%

5. OSHA requires many employers to post what information in their workplaces from Feb. 1 to April 30 each year?

   a. List of identifiable hazards in the workplace

   b. Summary of injuries and illnesses from the previous year

   c. List of top 10 “least healthy” employees on the payroll

6. What percentage of U.S. employees say they “often” or “sometimes” feel underutilized in their jobs?

   a. 47%    

   b. 63%    

   c. 86%


Sources: 1. Cisco survey; 2. U.S. Department of Labor; 3. U.S. Department of Labor; 4. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics; 5. OSHA; 6. Lee Hecht Harrison survey.

Answers:  1.  a  2.  b  3.  a  4.  c  5.  b  6.  c

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