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Leadership Tips: Vol. 313

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Hire up. Business coach Bob Prozen asks leaders for a show of hands: “Do you hire people smarter than yourself?” Lots of hands shoot up.

Then he asks how they know, and hands go down.

Ask yourself how often your direct reports offer good ideas you never knew were possible. If it happens once a week, you’ve hired people smarter than yourself.

— Adapted from Kiss Theory Goodbye, Bob Prozen, Gold Pen Publishing.

Get over yourself. Neil Armstrong wasn’t particularly impressed that he’d been the first man on the moon. “Pilots take no particular joy in walk­­ing,” he once said. “Pilots like flying.” What mattered to him were public service, iron discipline and no mistakes.

— Adapted from “The Neil Armstrong You Didn’t Know,” Douglas Brinkley, Newsweek.

Think ahead. Find yourself daydreaming about retirement? Start your research. Kiplinger has updated its retiree tax map on which states take the biggest bites and smallest nips from your nest egg.

— Adapted from “Log On,” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

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