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A LOVE Note for Leaders

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in Remarkable Leadership with Kevin Eikenberry

I’ve written about the connection between love and leadership before, including here and here. Today, inspired by Valentine’s Day and thinking about the kinda-cheesy poems we wrote as kids, I want to share a simple LOVE note with you.

Read this note, thinking about your team, and I’ll meet you afterward.


A Leadership LOVE Note

Listen. Of course, listening allows us to communicate better and understand the message being conveyed. Deeper than that though, when we really listen to people, it powerfully demonstrates that we care about more than the message—it demonstrates that we care about them as human beings.

Observe. Observation is a grossly undervalued leadership skill. Are you noticing what is happening around you? Do you see what people are experiencing and feeling? Are you able to sense the emotions, stress and attitude of your team members? Slowing down your mind and opening up your eyes and ears will allow you to answer yes to these questions.

Value. If you value your team members, do they know it? If you don’t see the value in them (yet), it’s time to do more Observing. Let people know you appreciate them. Let them know the positive impact they are having and could create more of. Help people see themselves in a more positive, uplifting way. And the best way to do that is to see, and share that picture with them.

Emote. People don’t want to be led by robots. People want to be lead by real, authentic people. As a manager and leader you likely have much data to absorb and use, but are you leading with your emotions too? Do people see your passion and your belief? Do they know your values? The best leaders are willing to be open with both the numbers and their emotions. Showing your emotions is one way to lead more effectively.

These four actions aren’t about romantic love (though doing them with those you love in that way will have a positive result as well), and they aren’t squishy or mushy. When you do these things, you will be a more effective leader.


Because these actions show people that you believe in and care about them and their results. These actions let people know that they matter.

And we want to follow those who believe in us and care about us. Send this kind of LOVE to your team members and watch all sorts of non-squishy things like productivity, employee loyalty and quality soar.

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Eddie A. Borejon February 17, 2013 at 4:18 am

I perfectly agree on this simple yet powerful meaning of love in may cases if managers or bosses express their sincere care to an employee you can produce more productive workers because they will be move from being worker into co owners of your business.


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