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4 tips to help travelers beat bed bugs

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There are a lot of worries that come with life on the road and one of the most common today is the fear of bringing home bed bugs, says Forbes contributor and frequent traveler Katie Kelly Bell. Getting rid of a bed bug infestation can cost hundreds of dollars, but bed bug elimi­­nation professionals ThermaPro have advice for keeping them out in the first place.

  • Pack in collapsible luggage. You need to be able to put your luggage in the dryer and run it on high for 30 minutes immediately after you return home from a trip. Bed bugs can survive extreme cold, but heat will kill them.
  • Inspect every hotel room. After you check in, set your luggage on a rack or on the bathroom tile where bed bugs can’t live. Then use a small flashlight, which you should bring on every trip, to inspect the headboard, mattress and nightstand. Check the front and back of the head­­board, look in screw holes and joints, and check the mattress for both bugs and the telltale blood spots they leave behind after feeding.
  • Check rental cars. In the summer, heat may kill the bugs, but before it does they will try hiding in the trunk and below the spare tire, so look for them lurking there.
  • Look out at the airport. There haven’t been many reports of bed bugs on airplanes, but some travelers say they’ve spotted them around luggage areas, so be on the lookout there.

— Adapted from “Important Traveler Tips For Avoiding Bed Bugs,” Katie Kelly Bell, Forbes.

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Darren February 27, 2013 at 10:38 am

I agree witj Josephs comment, education is the key. Advice like this is priceless which is why I too give advice and tips on my blob http://www.bed-bugs-london.blogspot.com Being a professional pest controller in London I am always making sure my clients fully understand what to do and not to do to prevent spreading them to family and friends which is easily done. My website has some good videos of eggs so you know what to look for when moving items.


Joseph February 20, 2013 at 8:47 pm

Hello, my name is joseph molluso and i own a pest control business in brooklyn new york named northeastern exterminating. I think it is great that this website is posting tips on a way for travelers to beat bed bugs.
I think the number one problem with bed bugs in this country is misinformation and lack of public education. If the governement agencies try to go out more and spend tax payer dollars on bed bug education, it will go a long way. One less person in this country getting bed bugs in a great thing.
Something i would add to the above tips is that ask if your sheets can be changed. Make sure you watch the housekeepers come in and change the bedding. If you have any further questions about bed bugs please feel free to visit my website at http://www.bedbugs-brooklyn.com and click on the contact us link and ask me any questions you may have about bed bugs, i will be happy to answer.


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