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Outlook 2007 or 2010?

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in Microsoft Email Outlook,Office Technology

Q. Why should I consider converting to Outlook 2010? 2007 seems to do everything I want it to.

A. There are a few new features in Outlook 2010 that, in my opinion, make it worthwhile to change.

First, in 2010 you have Conversation tools. While we have lots of tools to control external spam, internal spam (email from co-workers about things you don’t care about) is a different obstacle. Conversation tools give us the ability to easily “ignore” a conversation from an internal sender. Also, the way Outlook handles conversations lets you “clean up” a conversation by deleting all redundant messages. A redundant message is one that is contained in its entirety in another email.

In addition to Conversation tools, the addition of Quick Steps is significant. There are useful out-of-the-box Quick Steps like Forward to Manager and Reply and Delete. But, for me, the beauty is the ability to create one Quick Step that will do multiple actions, such as Folder, Forward and Flag all with a single click. 

Another new feature is the Social Connectors. I’m only beginning to use these, but it’s convenient to see all updates and activities for a contact whether the activity occurs in Outlook, LinkedIn or on a MySite page in SharePoint.

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