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Why you should always be networking

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

The best way to prepare for the next step up in your career is to always be networking, say career experts.

They advise spending at least a couple of hours a week engaging in networking activities, including emails, phone calls and in-person contacts. You should also demonstrate your expertise online by sharing ideas and answering questions via social media and in online forums.

“You want to be a contributing member of your talent community online,” says career coach Miriam Salpeter. “This means maintaining a regular discourse. You don’t want to stop since you’ll quickly be out of sight and out of mind.”

While social media is a great tool for starting relationships and monitoring what’s going on in your field and your community, you don’t want to rely on it as your sole networking outlet, says Cornerstone Executive De­­vel­­opment President Stephen Xavier.

He recommends making face-to-face contacts and networking up­­ward. Make sure the relationship isn’t one-sided, though, advises Salpeter. You can’t just ask for a job or some other favor, you have to bring something to the table and really work to establish a relationship.

— Adapted from “Networking on the Job,” Dennis Nishi, The Wall Street Journal.

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