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Power secrets of frequent travelers

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in Office Technology,Web Tools

When the electricity goes out or gets scarce, frequent business travelers like your boss know all the top tricks to power up, discovered freelance journalist Jane L. Levere.

Sales and marketing executive Mark Pearlstein never leaves for a trip without his 92-hour rechargeable backup battery from Brookstone, which he uses to refuel his laptop and smartphone on the go. It helps get business done on the road, but he found it most useful at home during Hurricane Sandy.

Pearlstein used the battery to power his smartphone, which he turned into a mobile hotspot, which delivered Internet to his laptop.

Most travelers have a knack for making do with the resources at hand, says Ron diLeo, executive di­­rec­­tor of the Association of Cor­­por­­ate Travel Executives.

“When you’re a frequent traveler, you learn how to charge your phone off your laptop until you can get to a place where you can charge the laptop,” he said.

Many frequent travelers also take advantage of the following gadgets:

  • Backup power for smartphones. These small devices will add hours of charge to a smartphone and are made by several companies, including Duracell and Energizer.
  • Mophie Juice Pack Air. An iPhone case that contains a rechargeable battery that adds up to nine hours of use.
  • Eneloop mobile boosters by Panasonic. These lithiumion back­­up batteries can charge a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously.
  • Trent iMirror. A heavy-duty ex­­ter­­nal battery pack that can also charge a smartphone and a tablet simultaneously.
  • Duracell’s Powermat system. The mat can work while plugged in or charged and transfers power wirelessly to devices you place on it.
  • The HyperJuice system. An ex­­ternal battery for Apple products can extend a MacBook’s up to 45 hours and an iPad’s up to 53 hours. It can also recharge an iPhone as many as 52 times.

— Adapted from “Power Is Where You Find It,” Jane L. Levere, The New York Times.

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