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Computer shortcuts you should know

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in Keyboard Shortcuts,Office Technology

Those who spend significant amounts of time working on PCs or Macs learn some of the shortcuts that allow for faster, more efficient work. Here are a few of David Pogue’s favorites.

  • Clicking the Windows and “D” buttons (F11 or Command and F3 on Macs) shows your  desktop, hiding all open windows. Press it again to return to where you were before. Tapping the Windows key by itself opens up the “Start” menu.
  • Pressing Ctrl and the plus (+) key increases the size of the text on a web page; pressing Ctrl and the minus (-) key decreases it. (On a Mac, use Command instead of Ctrl.)
  • Use the Tab key to move from box to box in a web-based form like those used to receive address info.

— Adapted from “Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User,” David Pogue, NYTimes.com.

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