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4 skills you need to get ahead in 2013

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Employers are still approaching hiring, raises and promotions with caution, so it may take special skills to get ahead in 2013, says Wall Street Journal columnist Ruth Mantell.

1.  Clear communications. Workers need to be able to communicate well both verbally and in writing. “This is really the ability to clearly articulate your point of view and the ability to create a connection through communication,” says Holly Paul, U.S. re­­cruit­­ing leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

2.  Positive personal branding. Hu­­man resources departments are looking at job candidates’ blogs and social media presence. You need to make sure you look professional and attractive to employers, says executive and career coach Meredith Haberfeld.

3.   Flexibility. You must be able to learn new skills and adapt quickly to meet employers’ changing needs.

4.   Productivity improvement. Find ways to do more with your time, volunteer for new projects and look for creative ways to help the organization.

— Adapted from “Must-Have Job Skills in 2013,” Ruth Mantell, The Wall Street Journal.

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