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The HR I.Q. Test: December ’12

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. Federal law says terminated employees must be paid their final paychecks:

  a.    Within 72 hours of the termination

  b.    By the next regular payday, but within 14 days

  c.    No federal law exists, but some states do set such laws

2. In fiscal year 2000, U.S. employees filed 1,800 wage-and-hour lawsuits in federal court. What was the total in 2012?

  a.    2,165

  b.    5,334

  c.    7,064

3. What percentage of people say they’re more likely to search for jobs via social media than traditional means (newspapers, online ads, etc.)?

  a.    24%

  b.    13%

  c.    39%

4. Among employees who’ve felt bullied at work, they say they felt bullied most often by:

  a.    Co-workers in their department

  b.    Their boss

  c.    Co-workers in a different department

5. What are the top two months, in order, in which employees call in sick?

  a.    July, August

  b.    August, December

  c.    December, July

6. A Harvard study says ______ is the No. 1 reason people stay in their jobs.

  a.    Their immediate supervisor

  b.    Camaraderie with co-workers

  c.    Career advancement path


Sources: 1. U.S. Department of Labor; 2. Seyfarth Shaw LLP study; 3. Kelly Services Workforce Index survey; 4. survey; 5. survey; 6. Harvard Business Review.

Answers: 1.  c  2.  c  3.  a  4.  b  5.  c  6.  a

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