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Turn best customers into best salespeople

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customer valueIf you think your customers exist solely to “buy your stuff,” you’re missing a huge part of the picture.

Instead of using your company’s profits to promote your company, wouldn’t it be more effective if you let the customers themselves drive your sales and marketing efforts and fuel your growth?

“(Companies) can never really understand customers because they aren’t customers themselves,” says Bill Lee, author of The Hidden Wealth of Customers. “The organizations that achieve rapid growth are those that don’t just think of customers as ‘buyers of stuff’ but as advocates, influencers, and contributors.”

The truth is, your customers are well equipped to market, sell and even develop your products and services.

What customers can do better  

According to Lee, here are six things customers can do better than you:

1. Attract high-value information from other customers. This “inside knowledge” of their peers creates huge value. Fa...(register to read more)

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Brad H. January 5, 2013 at 12:34 am

I think this is where CRM, especially Social CRM, software can really come in handy. If you can develop a process of either discovering who are your potential evangelists or, even better, if you could develop a process to create evangelists from users, you have a recipe for success.

Honestly, in this social era, the best way to get your message out is by the accelerated word of mouth by loyal customers. Tracking those customers with a CRM software like JobNimbus (http://www.jobnimbus.com) or Hive would let you interface with them and provide them the means and encouragement to market what you can’t do as well yourself.


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