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7 LinkedIn mistakes to avoid

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LinkedIn is the No. 1 social media platform for professionals with an estimated professional participation at 83%, according to Inc.com.

Many professionals are making a lot of mistakes on LinkedIn, says social media expert Alexandra Gibson, Otto­­­Pilot Media. Seven mistakes to avoid:

1. You only use it when you’re looking for a job. Instead of reviving your profile suddenly, keep your profile and connections current.

2. You have a bare-bones profile. Add important companies and a de­­scrip­­tion of the results you achieved in the past. And create a keyword-rich profile to help people find you and your company.

3. You did not join the right groups. First step: At least join your alumni group and industry groups—for your own company and any major customer market segments.

4. You don’t share worthwhile content. If you publish a great blog post or your company creates a good white paper, share it on LinkedIn. And share good content from other sources, too. This shows you’re a thought leader, and it could generate leads directly from LinkedIn.

5. You’re not building connections. It’s a good idea to constantly add and accept connections from people you know professionally or personally. Gibson does not recommend connecting with people you don’t know. You want this to be your real professional network, she says.

6. You don’t even know about LinkedIn Answers. People ask questions, and if you know the subject, you can answer in a forum and add links to content that backs up your answer, especially if it’s content from your site.

The Answers section has staying power—people with similar questions visit it over time.

7. Your team isn’t all in. Since it’s a professional network, emphasize the im­­portance for everyone to get on board.

— Adapted from ''7 Things You’re Doing Wrong on LinkedIn," Tom Searcy, Inc.com.

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