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Resuscitate a damaged reputation

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

If you have acted poorly in the past, your reputation may still be suffering even if you have since changed your ways, writes career coach Dorothy Tannahill-Moran at Career Rocketeer. There’s no surefire way to fix the damage, but a few techniques may help.

  • Take the blame. Admit responsibility for the error and apologize to anyone involved.
  • Stay committed to change. How­­ever, resist the urge to do more than is necessary to make up for your past transgressions. “While you do want to make changes, you don’t want to start overcompensating by slathering people with unwanted attention or doing unnecessary activities,” Tannahill-Moran writes.
  • Move on. Understand that it will take some time for people to forgive you, but be ready to look for a new job if it becomes clear that the incident will hold you back permanently.

— Adapted from “Is It Possible To Repair Your Repu­ta­tion at Work?” Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, Career Rocketeer.

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