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The HR I.Q. Test: November ’12

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1.  Federal voting-leave law says employers must offer workers how much time to cast their ballots?

   a. At least two hours

   b. At least three hours

   c. There is no federal law, but some states have such laws

2.  President Obama recently signed legislation that allows what program to continue operating?

   a. Use of the I-9 employment verification form

   b. E-Verify, the Internet-based employee verification system

   c. The IRS’ Misclassification Initiative on independent contractor abuse

3.  The top four deadliest jobs in America, in order, according to new Bureau of Labor Statistics data:

   a. Logging workers, roofers, taxi drivers, fishing workers

   b. Fishing workers, logging workers, aircraft pilots; garbage collectors

   c. Aircraft pilots, roofers, taxi drivers, logging workers

4.  Under COBRA, how long does health coverage generally last in cases of employee termination or reduction of hours?

   a. up to 24 months

   b. up to 12 months

   c. up to 18 months

5.  While 94% of employers say being compliant with HR-related federal regulations is important, what percentage of HR pros say they are “fully confident” their organizations are in compliance?

   a. 36%    

   b. 47%     

   c. 71%

6.  A recent court ruling declared that damages received by employees under FMLA claims:

   a. Are subject to payroll taxes

   b. Are not subject to payroll taxes


Sources: 1.; 2. USCIS; 3. BLS; 4.; 5. Corporate Synergies Group survey; 6. Cheetham v. CSX.

Answers:     1. c      2. b      3. b      4. c      5. a      6. a

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