Free training handouts help managers improve their teams’ success


Oct. 15, 2012

Contact: Elizabeth Hall, Senior Web Editor 
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Free Training Handouts Help Managers Improve Their Teams’ Success

Falls Church, Va. — Managers’ career success depends on their ability to build successful teams. They may already see the wisdom of teams — but they face a deeper dilemma: how to improve teamwork so their employees maximize their cooperation and learn to contribute to a larger good.

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“The idea of getting individuals to put aside selfish interests for the greater good of the group sounds ideal in theory,” says Business Management Daily’s Senior Web Editor Elizabeth Hall. “But in practice, building teamwork is a messy and often frustrating experience. If you can get everyone pulling together, you’re that much closer to becoming a true leader.”

Business Management Daily is offering a valuable resource to help managers evaluate their teams’ effectiveness and make improvements. Teamwork At Its Best: Training handouts to build a thriving team at work will provide supervisors with the tools they need to master the art of leading teams and ensure they work together seamlessly. Business Management Daily is offering these training handouts FREE for a limited time to help managers build teams that formulate great ideas, are productive and produce quality results.

Teamwork At Its Best provides 13 essential quizzes and checklists to help supervisors assess their teams, including:

  1.  Measure Your Own Teamwork
  2. Create a Culture Where Teams Thrive
  3. How to Hype Your Team
  4. Secrets of Fast-Start Teams
  5. Measure a Team’s Energy Level
  6. Track Performance Benchmarks
  7. Sample Team Report Card

Managers can fill out these handouts to measure their teams’ effectiveness. Then, they’ll be able to review their answers to set goals for improvement with the help of the tips and guidelines that this resource offers.

“These training handouts will give you the techniques experts use to motivate teams to succeed,” says Hall. “And this success will reflect not just on your team, but on YOU.”

Learn how to raise your profile within your organization, gain recognition as a true leader, and achieve that promotion you’ve been working for — download Business Management Daily’s Teamwork At Its Best: Training handouts to build a thriving team at work now.

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