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Leadership Tips: Vol. 1112

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Make your own luck. Ben Lerer, co-founder and chief executive of Thrillist Media Group, which manages men’s shopping websites, describes his company’s culture: “One thing that we preach at work all day long is ‘don’t hope.’ What that means is don’t wait for somebody to do something for you. Don’t do something 90% well and hope that it’ll slide through. Don’t rely on luck. You have to make your own luck.”

— Adapted from “Corner Office: Ben Lerer,” interview with Adam Bryant, The New York Times.

Hire the quiet ones. Extroverts like to be the center of attention. Introverted leaders, on the other hand, deliver better because they’re more likely to let go-getters run with their ideas.

— Adapted from “Hire Introverts,” Susan Cain, The Atlantic.

Pick will over talent. College foot­­ball players who lack motivation are not likely to develop it, says a stu­­dent of the game. Or, putting this mathematically: (good talent + high motivation) > (great talent + low motivation).

— Adapted from Hiring Secrets of the NFL, Isaac Cheifetz, Davies-Black Publishing.

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