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3 tricks to increase your influence

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Are you aware of how much you influence others daily? Whether you are negotiating a better hotel rate for your supervisor, coordinating assignments with co-workers or psyching yourself up to ask for a raise, you are under the influence. Here are three techniques to increase your ability to persuade and gain results.

1. Play the mime game. Why? People like people like themselves. One component of neurolinguistic programming suggests mirroring your supervisor, client or co-worker to build rapport. When you mimic you can show empathy. Research shows when you mimic someone’s facial expressions you immediately feel the same. When you imitate you can show understanding. When someone feels like you really “get them,” even if they can’t quite put a finger on why, they are more apt to trust you, which lays the groundwork for influence. Showing you care opens the door to share your talents and accomplishments in a non-threatening way.

2. Gesture away. Present your confidence and show how much you mean it without saying a word. How? Enhance your persuasive power by backing up words with reinforcing gestures. Want to note something is in the past when discussing your yearly performance review? Use a quick, strong point of your finger behind you when referring to an issue that won’t be returning. It reinforces your message. An even simpler strategy can work wonders—a good ol’ fashion, firm handshake. Add to that a genuine smile and some direct eye contact and you’ll boost your credibility with clients and c-suite executives alike.

3. Talk to yourself! You know by now how crazy I am about affirmations. Whatever you say enough times you will soon enough become. Have a long, hard, and humorous talk with yourself out loud about all the great things you bring to the table. Then pick one you really want people to appreciate.  For example, “I am the most resourceful administrative support this world has ever seen!” Say it aloud, over and over. Soon enough, you’ll start becoming more re-sourceful and your co-workers and clients will notice.

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