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3 “No Type” Tips for Excel

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Multiple Duplicate Worksheets

Click on the first worksheet tab and hold down the Shift key. Keeping the Shift key down, click on the last worksheet. They should all appear white, rather than gray. Now, just start typing. What you do on one sheet will also be on the remaining selected worksheets. 

selected sheets


Populate Several Cells at the Same Time

It’s always a good idea to test your worksheets with predictable data. So if you’d like to populate the first 4 columns and 4 rows with the value of 100, you’d select or highlight A1:D4. Type 100 and Ctrl+Enter.

Microsoft Excel

Custom Lists

Do you often repeat several location names, department names or other text items? Make it a no-type solution with Custom Lists and AutoFill. Type the list in the order you’d like to see it. Select it and click File, Options and Advanced. Scroll down until you see the Custom Lists button. (In Office 2007, click the Office Button, Excel Options and the Edit Custom Lists button should be right there in Top Options!). After clicking the button, click the Import button to import your new custom list. Now, type any of your entries and use the AutoFill handle, and you’ll see your list values populate the cells like any other AutoFill entry.

Microsoft Excel

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