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Strict noncompete agreement? Don’t expect it to stick

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

Here’s a warning if you use so-called noncompete agreements in your employment contracts: California courts generally don’t like them and are often quite hesitant to enforce them.

Recent case: Michael signed a strict noncompete agreement when he sold his interest in a business. The agreement said he couldn’t solicit customers or potential customers for a year after leaving. He continued to work for the company for three years and then left. Six months later, he went to work for another company. His original employer sued him for breaching the noncompete agreement.

The court concluded that the agreement was far too broad and interfered too much with Michael’s ability to make a living. It refused to enforce the contract. (Fillpoint v. Maas, No. G045057, Court of Appeal of California, 4th Appellate District, 2012)

Final note: Get expert legal help with any employment contracts in California.

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