New resource provides guidelines for developing effective record retention schedule


Sept. 17, 2012

Contact: Elizabeth Hall, Senior Web Editor 
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New Resource Provides Guidelines for Developing Effective Record Retention Schedule

Falls Church, Va. — Every organization has vital business records that it must store and keep up to date. Poor records management can decrease a company’s profits and expose it to compliance actions and legal liability. That’s why it’s absolutely essential for organizations to develop effective records management procedures.

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“You need to know what records you have and how long to keep them — legally and for your own business purposes — before you can establish an efficient records management system,” says Business Management Daily’s Senior Web Editor Elizabeth Hall. “That’s why it’s important to inventory your records and draw up a company retention schedule.”

Business Management Daily is offering its Record Retention Schedule: Guidelines for every office document FREE for a limited time to help managers develop an effective system to manage their organization’s records. This valuable resource will show managers how long to keep records for operational, legal, fiscal and historical reasons, and when to destroy them because they’re no longer useful.Record Retention Schedule 

Record Retention Schedule provides guidelines for all office documents, including:

  • Bank deposit records
  • Building permits
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Audit work papers
  • Expense reports

“Not only will these records retention guidelines help keep office operations running smoothly,” Hall says, “they will ensure you retain the documents you need to comply with the law and avoid costly lawsuits.”

Learn the company records you need to keep and those you can dump — Download Business Management Daily’s Record Retention Schedule: Guidelines for every office document now.

For its next office organization download, Business Management Daily is offering Taming the Paper Monster: Records Management, Compliance and File Security at 40% off for a limited time. This valuable book provides must-know information for managing your organization’s documents and securing its records. Download it at and Business Management Daily’s LinkedIn group beginning Monday, Sept. 24.

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