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You are the captain of your ship: a ‘solopreneur’

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in Best-Practices Leadership,Leaders & Managers

“Solopreneur” is the latest moniker for peo­­ple developing personal brands. And yes, one person may have several brands, such as life coach/marketer/media consultant.

Such people are self-employed. They tend to be young. And they tend to develop several lines of business, such as multiple online start-ups or various professional services.

As of 2010, according to The Wall Street Journal, more than one-fifth of U.S. workers were operating this way, as consultants, freelancers, free agents, contractors or solo entrepreneurs. And “current projections see the number only rising in coming years.”

Dan Schawbel is a 28-year-old marketing researcher and consultant who specializes in targeting his own generation.

“You’re competing against everyone in the world,” he says. “You can’t count on anything anymore. The only thing you can count on is investing in yourself.”

— Adapted from “You, Inc.,” Jonathan Rauch, The Next Economy, National Journal.

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