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Potty mouths at work

Workers' cursing on the job doesn't sit well with employers

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in Business Etiquette,Workplace Communication

More than half of workers (51%) admit to cursing on the job, which doesn’t sit well with their employers.

Of those who swear at work, almost all (95%) do it in front of co-workers, half (51%) in front of the boss, a few (13%) with senior leaders and hardly any (7%) with clients.

A solid majority of employers (64%) say they’d think less of workers who swear regularly, and almost as many say they’d be less likely to promote a potty mouth, saying it’s less professional and calls into question the person’s self-control, maturity and intelligence.

Now get this: Young employees, ages 18-24, are least likely to swear at work, at 42%, while employees ages 35-44 are most likely, at 58%.

U.S. cities with the most workplace swearing are, in order: Washington, D.C.; Denver; Chicago; Los Angeles; Boston; Atlanta; Minneapolis; Phoenix; New York; and Philadelphia.

Source: Mary Lorenz, The Hiring Site.

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