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Count your occupational blessings

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in Your Office Coach

Question: “I am upset and frustrated by the favoritism in my company. Some managers make employees follow the rules, while they allow people in other departments to be very disruptive. They sing, shout, chatter constantly, use foul language and dress inappropriately.  During my 12 years here, I have always enjoyed my job and received good performance reviews. The pay is excellent, and I get along well with management.  If I start over somewhere else, I will lose seniority and vacation time.  However, this unfairness keeps me feeling emotionally drained, and sometimes I think I should just leave.”  Distressed

Answer: After 12 years, it seems odd that your workplace has suddenly become unbearable. Either you have a very long fuse or something has recently changed. Regardless of the reason, you are on the verge of making a potentially disastrous mistake.

For a moment, imagine that you have left this rowdy place. You join a company where policies are strictly enforced and everyone is quiet and reserved, but your job is boring and your boss is a jerk. In retrospect, your present environment might seem like nirvana.

If these boisterous antics actually impede your performance, you should discuss the problem with your boss. But if not, then the real problem is that you’ve allowed yourself to get all worked up about things that don’t directly affect you.

Instead of fretting about how people dress and talk in other departments, try to count your occupational blessings. You enjoy your work, like your manager, and are well-compensated for your efforts.  Do you have any idea how many people would kill to be in your situation?

How much do you like your job? Give it a rating on the "Happiness Scale": Rate Your Job on the Happiness Scale.

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g October 8, 2012 at 11:43 am

I’m sort of in the same boat. It’s not that the job or the place is unbearable; it’s that all these little things stack up over time and get to you. I’ve had to deal with a big change a year and half ago in my department that I’m still adjusting too. Then another big change happened about three months ago. I dislike when others get away with stuff, and good ones get in trouble at the drop of a hat. I dislike the unknown of being left in the dark when big changes happen. We still haven’t gotten an answer with the change from three months ago and I have no idea when we will get the answer. Yes I’m thankful I have a job and yes I’m thankful that I get along with 90% of the staff, but there are days that it makes you wonder why you stick around. So I’m with ya.


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