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Learn to market your personal brand

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

These days, professionals need to do more than work hard to get ahead. They also need to establish a personal brand and sell it the same way a company does with its corporate brand, writes Jesse Gant for Mashable.

Here are tips to help you boost your brand:

•   Update often. Make sure all of your latest information—new job, new title, major accomplishment—makes it online. Also, try to keep your recommendations fresh. Consider setting a goal of obtaining one new recommendation each month.

•  Key into keywords. Incorporating the right keywords will help you show up in searches. Look at job-search websites to see which words they use to describe what you do, then incorporate those words into your profile. Don’t overdo it, though, or it will look forced.

•  Look beyond LinkedIn. Although LinkedIn is the most popular and well-known website for professional profiles, being in more places such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, creates links that can help you turn up in search results.

•  Expand your network. You don’t want all your recommendations to come from one area of your life. Instead, aim to amass a good mix of recommendations from personal and professional contacts.

•  Say “please” and “thank you.” If you want recommendations, ask for them. Make your request polite and specific, and don’t forget to thank your recommender.

•  Be a joiner. Find online groups that relate to your personal and ­professional interests. Once you’ve signed on, become an active participant and soon you’ll be learning and making valuable connections.

These tips will help you make sure everyone knows how valuable you are at work.

— Adapted from “7 Ways to Optimize Your Pro­­fes­­sional Profile,” Jesse Gant, Mashable.

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