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1-Minute Strategies: October ’12

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

• Take control of a panel interview. Making a great impression in a panel interview requires you to first figure out who you really need to impress, writes Laura Smith-Proulx, founder of An Expert Résumé. “While it may be comforting to direct your answers and gaze toward the interviewer who seems more open to your responses, you’re better off tackling the naysayer first. … Winning over the person most likely to reject you shows that you have the ability to read the audience, as well as problem-solve on your feet.”

• Find a great networking event. Sites such as Meetup and Eventful are a great way to find events that can help you ex­­pand your professional network, writes Ritika Trikha of Career­­Bliss. Another favorite: LinkedIn Events. “There are no rock climbing or music festival groups to sift through! Just look for your industry and then location. It’s an awesome way to turn your virtual connections into real-life ones.”

• Boost your creativity by seeking diversity. Stay open-minded about what you eat, where you hang out, the art you look at, the places you travel or the books you read, says Steven Smith, Texas A&M University. “Diversity introduces all kinds of new stimuli. It opens you up to a number of new possibilities.”

• Tighten up security for your online accounts. The most important password you manage is the one to your email, warns Justin Cepelak, vice president of product management for SplashData. “Why so important? Because you reset passwords using your email. … A thief can do that as easily as you can. He creates a new password to your account, and boom: He has access to your account and you don’t anymore. Then he might delete the confirmation email and you wouldn’t even know your identity has been hijacked until it’s too late.” Try using a passwords manager, which creates a digital safe for you on your computer or phone. You just remember one single master password, and then you can access all of your other passwords organized by type and category.

• How winners are different. They look on the bright side of life, always show up and never stop learning. These and other differences help one-time winners to keep winning again and again, research suggests.

• A surprising way to get more pay. Jobs that come through employees’ personal networks tend to pay more than jobs found through employment postings, research finds.

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