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Can you convince the boss to adopt flextime?

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Question: Because of my hour-long commute, I would like to ask my boss for a more flexible work schedule. By working longer hours four days a week, I could eliminate one day of driving. I know that some of my co-workers would also welcome this arrangement. How should I approach my boss about this idea?  Tired of Driving

Answer: When requesting any modification to policies or procedures, you must first view the situation from a management perspective. Consider these three questions. 1. How would this change benefit the business? 2. What problems might the change create for management? 3. How could those problems be avoided?  

With any deviation from standard work hours, one frequent concern is inconvenience to customers or co-workers.  Managers also worry about having to mediate schedule squabbles among employees. So you should be prepared to address those issues.

You must also be able to explain how a flexible schedule would increase productivity, reduce operating costs or improve morale. If you can convince management that the benefits outweigh the risks, then you may soon be able to spend less time in your car.

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