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Build your work resilience: 3 steps

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

Resilience is the ability to find new strength and bounce back. Without resilience, fast-paced, difficult and ambiguous situations be­­come difficult, and personal per­­­­­­­­formance and health suffer, writes Amy Martinez, Center for Creative Leader­ship. A lack of resilience can negatively affect the morale of an entire team. Three ways to better your resilience.

1.  Improve your self care. That in­ner voice that tells you to take better care of yourself is right. When you do, you’ll find it’s easier to cope with stress, difficulties, roadblocks, criticism, rejection or change. Strive to get more exercise, take breaks, engage in self-discovery, forge new social relationships and clarify your values.

2.  Focus on learning. “Another way to deal with stressful, chaotic times is to learn from your past wins,” Martinez writes.

3.  Get real. “Understand that any time you encounter a career crisis or significant challenge, it’s normal to experience a feeling of vulnerability,” Martinez writes. “New jobs, no jobs, and crazy jobs will keep you outside of your comfort zone—maybe even for prolonged periods of time.”

— Adapted from “3 Ways to Boost Your Work Resilience,” Amy Martinez, U.S. News Money.

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