Outlook 2010 Quick Steps

Microsoft hit it out of the park with Quick Steps in Outlook 2010. On the Home tab, in the Quick Steps group, you’ll find several out-of-the-box Quick Steps.

Reply and Delete will help you tame unwieldy email threads by choosing to reply and then delete the e-mail to which you are responding. By default, it already includes the email you originally received (and probably all the emails that came before it in the thread).

Move to Folder will allow you to avoid the wrist/hand/arm mangling action of holding the mouse button down and dragging by easily clicking on the target folder from a list.

To Manager and Team E-mail are variations of a “New E-mail To…” Quick Step. Type in email addresses, or add from contacts. Name it something meaningful like “Project Team” or “Steering Committee.” When you click on it, it will simply open an email with those addressees already in the To: line.

Make your own one-click solutions to email processing with one of these two methods.

  1. Drop down the More button and select one of the listed Quick Steps. Each one will bring up a dialog box allowing you to name it uniquely and set the options. Use the New Email To selection to create one-click emails for the groups you email often. Create and customize several Move to Folder Quick Steps to work with folders to use often. You can name each one for the folder, if you like.

  2. From the Create New button in the Quick Steps group, you can add multiple actions that will take place on a single click. The one below, will folder the email in Bulletins folder, flag it for follow up this week and forward it to Becky.

This feature is not available in previous versions of Outlook.

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