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Leadership Tips: Vol. 712

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

A leader's kickstarter. Ask these questions: What’s the next action we need to get this moving? What do you need to make that happen? What will you do next? Then what? What’s the priority right now? What is the next step?

— Adapted from Conversations for Change, Shawn Kent Hayashi, McGraw-Hill.

Watch for opportunities. At the outset of World War II, Coca-Cola saw that soldiers had become a captive audience. The company promised that any U.S. soldier would be able to buy a Coke for a nickel. To keep that promise, it built mobile bottling plants and conquered the world.

— Adapted from The Management Century, Stuart Crainer, Jossey-Bass.

Keep your edge. Almost every retired CEO misses having a personal assistant. Suggestion: Hire an assistant after you retire. You can afford it. This will give you a buffer as you learn to do things (or not) that others have been doing for years.

— Adapted from Succession, Marshall Goldsmith, Harvard Business Press.

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