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How to handle an angry employee: 6 tips

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

angry employeeSooner or later, a manager must be the bearer of bad news. If it’s a termination or disciplinary notice, employees may react with anger. If the anger is directed at you, it’s perfectly normal to become frustrated and defensive. Learn how to resist this impulse, and maintain control of yourself and the situation.

Timothy S. Koirtyohann, Benefits/HR Consulting Broker at EbenConcepts, Dallas, states: “My most important advice: Learn to set aside the personal attacks and the guilt that em­ployees aim at them and the company. In most cases, the person being disciplined earned the consequence. They may not want to take responsibility and will blame you, the company, the system, their life, etc.  Don’t get caught up in that game.

“It is like my high school teacher once told me when I asked why he had flunked me in a class: ‘I didn’t fail you; you worked hard to earn that F just like others worked hard to earn their As.’”  

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