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Updated edition of annual guide will help business owners protect holdings and save thousands in taxes

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Contact: Pat DiDomenico, Editorial Director
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May 16, 2012

Updated Edition of Annual Guide on Tax Savings Will Help Business Owners Protect Their Holdings and Save Thousands of Dollars in Taxes

Falls Church, Va. — Business Management Daily announces the newly updated edition of its annual guide on the most effective ways to maximize tax savings, designed to help business owners keep more of their income when tax-return time rolls around again.

“Every year the IRS takes a large slice of taxable income from business owners. But there are steps you can take right now that will not only safeguard your holdings, but save you thousands in taxes,” says Business Management Daily’s Editorial Director Pat DiDomenico.

Business Management Daily’s informative report 17 Tips to Supersize Your 2012 Tax Savings will show business owners how to keep thousands in their pockets – this year without having to worry about higher taxes, no matter what Congress or the White House does. With this report, professionals will learn about the new charitable donation rules, the pros and cons of LLCs, Roth IRAs and much more.

17 Tips to Supersize Your 2012 Tax Savings will teach business owners:

  • The special donations that carry enhanced deductions
  • How to annuitize their IRAs – and pay zero penalties
  • Two major 2012 tax deductions
  • How to get Uncle Sam to pay for their next vacation
  • Four popular retirement plans and which is right for them
  • Three ways to avoid penalties on estimated tax payments

17 Tips to Supersize Your 2012 Tax Savings is newly updated for 2012, so you can rest easy knowing that our advice is current and takes into account all new tax code developments,” DiDomenico explains. “If even a few of the tips in this report work for your tax situation – or even just one of them – this guide will literally pay for itself thousands of times over. And you’ll continue to see savings every year.”

Business Management Daily’s 17 Tips to Supersize Your 2012 Tax Savings is now available in print and downloadable PDF formats.

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