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Bringing order to a chaotic office

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Question:  My boss thinks that he’s a manager, but he really doesn’t manage at all. Even though he owns the business, he’s gone most of the time.  He avoids problems, hates confrontation and makes decisions based on his mood that particular day.

We have 10 employees, and they all do whatever they please.  I try to make rules, because I have been here the longest, but my boss always ignores them.  How can I stop this anarchy?  Tired of Chaos

Answer:  Although you're making a valiant effort to stave off disaster, you’ll never succeed without the backing of your boss.  As the business owner, he unfortunately has the power to run the company into the ground if he chooses.  

Unless you are given enforcement authority, don’t waste time making "rules" for your co-workers.  Trying to control people who don't work for you is an exercise in futility.

Your only hope is to interest your boss in improving the business.  Without being critical, point out to the boss areas where increased consistency or efficiency would enhance results.  Offer to help implement any change that he supports.  He might even consider making you the office manager.

But if your boss insists on sticking with the status quo, you may not be able to save him from himself.  In that case, you will have to decide whether the benefits of this job outweigh the aggravations.  

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