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Boost productivity with a smartphone

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in Office Management,Office Organizer

Does a smartphone make your job more productive and efficient? Is it worth making the switch from a “dumb” phone? The jury is nearly unanimous. Here’s what administrative professionals say:

√  It may not be absolutely necessary, says admin Barbie, but “I love my smartphone.” She uses Evernote on her iPhone (and desktop computer) to track to-dos, and Maps to pull up restaurant and hotel information for out-of-state employees visiting the corporate office.

Tip: Try using the filters on the Instagram app to transform a mundane photo into something worthy of a PowerPoint presentation, ad­­vises Barbie.

√  Apps are a productivity boost, says admin Jet. For example, she uses the DropBox app to access documents on her smartphone no matter where she is. Other helpful on-the-go apps: sticky notes, checklists and voice memos.

√  Tracking a traveling boss is made easier with a smartphone, says admin Amy. She uses apps for flight tracking, travel arrangements and expense-account management.

√  Syncing work and personal calendars on her Windows phone lets admin Michelle “see everything I have going on.” Also, she says, “It’s nice to be able to keep up with email at home and anywhere,” she says.

“My stress level went down when I got my phone. I just feel more in control of my schedule and it helps to know what my inbox looks like before I get in on Monday mornings.”

√  It’s not for everyone, says admin Robin. “It’s like I am working 24/7.”

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Hudson Grey October 10, 2012 at 1:23 pm

We all are know about iPhone use it. Though this device can’t play the whole role but by using iPhone we can complete many task of our office. So I think iPhone is really important for our job.


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