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Animated SmartArt

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in Office Technology,PowerPoint Tricks

Q. Can you animate SmartArt in PowerPoint?

A. Yes, the trick is to ungroup ob­­jects. First, you need to convert SmartArt to objects. You’ll find this on the SmartArt Design contextual tab in the Reset group, far right. The button is called Convert.  This generates a grouped diagram, which you can then Ungroup using Arrange button in the Drawing group on the Home tab. You might have to do this more than once to break down the diagram to its smallest pieces. Then you can choose individual objects and animate them.

Note: Once you convert your SmartArt to shape objects, you can’t re­­assemble them and work with them as SmartArt. Use the SmartArt tools to create the entire initial diagram, including all text labels before converting.

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