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The HR I.Q. Test: May ’12

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last month that state agencies can no ­longer face damages for certain ­lawsuits under what law?

  a. Fair Labor Standards Act

  b. Family and Medical Leave Act

  c. Americans with Disabilities Act

2. What do CFOs say are the top three co-worker behaviors that annoy them most (in order)?

  a. Sloppy work; gossip/office politics; missed deadlines

  b. Missed deadlines; being late; sloppy work

  c. Gossip/office politics; sloppy work; being late

3. Federal law says that, during the school year, 14- and 15-year-olds are allowed to work a maximum of:

  a. 5 hours on a school day; 25 hours in a school week

  b. 4 hours on a school day; 22 hours in a school week

  c. 3 hours on a school day; 18 hours in a school week

4. When employees have financial problems, what do HR professionals say are the top two negative consequences at work?

  a. Employee’s ability to focus; overall stress

  b. Increased absenteeism, lower morale

  c. Increased stress; failing health

5. While this number may seem low to HR pros who’ve seen applicants’ ­Face­­book pages, what percentage of social network users say they’ve posted content that they regret?

  a.  6%     

  b. 11%     

  c. 29%

6.  What percentage of HR professionals say they’ve suffered verbal abuse (yelling, screaming, cursing) from an employee or manager?

  a. 14%     

  b. 33%     

  c. 52%


Sources: 1. U.S. Supreme Court; 2. Accountemps survey; 3. U.S. Department of Labor; 4. Society for Human Resource Management survey; 5. Pew Internet survey; 6. HR in the Crossfire survey, Sullivan University.

Answers:  1.  b      2.  a      3.  c      4.  a      5.  b      6.  b

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Kevin June 21, 2012 at 4:13 am

I finally found a real free IQ test….still cant believe it… its here:
hurry up before blog is gone


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