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Video Training: Excel pivot tables

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in Excel Training,Office Technology

Have you ever wondered: "What the heck is a pivot table?!?"

You may have heard this term bantered about by the Excel gurus in your office. You may have even worked with a pivot table that was set up for you, but you didn't know how it was put together.

I like to call pivot tables custom table writers.

Join Melissa for her newest webinar on using Excel!

Let's say you have some very detailed data: employee data, student data, or maybe customer transaction data, and you just want to see a segment of it in a report. Let's see how we do this with a pivot table...

Join us April 11 for the newest webinar in our Office Technology Series, Excel Pivot Tables: Getting Your Data to Talk. Our tech expert and Microsoft® Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel will teach you:
  • Structuring data for use in pivot tables
  • Working with the Office 2007 pivot table format
  • Modifying pivot tables
  • Creating pivot charts
  • Advanced Features: Report Filter Pages, Calculated Fields, working with GETPIVOT
In just 75 minutes, learn how Excel Pivot Tables can help you in your work:
  • Why pivot tables?
    • What are they used for?
    • What cumbersome procedures can they replace?
  • How do you know if your data will work?
    • What kind of data can be pivoted?
    • How can you clean up datasets, so you can pivot them?
  • Crafting pivot table reports
    • Tables
    • Formatted tables
    • Interactivity: sorting and filtering
    • Filter pages
    • Totals and subtotals
  • Validating data: Great tips for double-checking your analysis
  • Automatic updating
    • What happens when the data changes?
    • Should you allow pivot tables to automatically update?
  • Pivot charts
    • Creating pivot charts in one keystroke
    • Modifying charts
    • The relationship between pivot charts and pivot tables
  • Advanced Features
    • GetPivotData
    • Calculated Fields
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