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The HR I.Q. Test: April ’12

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in HR Management,Human Resources

1. In 2011, employee complaints of this type of discrimination increased faster than any other type:

a. Disability discrimination

b. Race discrimination

c. Religious discrimination

2. The federal government recently expanded its Self-Check program. That allows applicants to:

a. Check their unemployment benefits

b. Check their employment eligibility status

c. Check their estimated Social Security benefits in retirement years

3. What do U.S. workers says is the most important contributor to their job ­satisfaction?

a. Having good work/life balance

b. Steady job security

c. A comfortable chair

4. The U.S. Department of Labor just released new versions of these forms, which will now expire in 2015:

a. ADA “reasonable accommodation” forms

b. OSHA injury/illness record-keeping form

c. FMLA certification and notification forms

5. A recent study estimates that 57% of male MBA grads negotiated a higher salary for their first job after ­graduating. What percentage of female MBA grads did the same?

a. 67%   

b. 27%   

c. 7%

6. Which employer cost increased at a faster rate in 2011?

a. The cost of employee benefits

b. The cost of employee wages

c. They both increased equally


Sources: 1. EEOC; 2.; 3. SHRM survey; 4. U.S. Department of Labor; 5. Harvard Business Review; 6. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Answers:  1. c      2. b      3. a      4. c      5. c      6. a

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