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Help employees save money through wellness programs

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in Compensation and Benefits,Human Resources

CFOs aren’t the only ones with their eyes on the bottom line when it comes to health and wellness. Your organization’s workers also can—and want to—save money by participating in employer-sponsored programs.

A study by Principal Financial Group revealed that em­­ployees who partake of corporate wellness offerings—like free flu shots, health screenings and discounts on gym memberships—spend less on personal health care, mostly because of employers’ subsidies.

More than half of wellness participants surveyed reported they are more productive on the job since they started taking part. More than one-third said they call in sick less often, and 40% agreed having access to the programs makes them more likely to stay with their companies longer.

The most appreciated wellness programs, the employees said, involve tangible perks like fitness center memberships and appointments with nutritionists. Less useful, they agreed, are wellness websites that offer education but no material benefits.

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